Göztepe: 0-Beşiktaş: 1

Beşiktaş rose to Level 3 where 16 teams where 16 teams will combat for quarter finals in the 2nd Level Game of Turkish Cup by beating Göztepe 1-0 at Alsancak Stadium.

Beşiktaş fans supported their teams with their cheers, not leaving their team alone in Izmir either, in the game which was played on a poor surface. Beşiktaş, who had the absolute control of the game since minute 1 developed consecutive attacks against their young opponent. In the advancing parts of the game, it became increasingly difficult to play on the pitch, which turned into a sea of mud. Yet, the team in Black and White frustrated the Göztepe defense with the pressure they established in front of the rival goalpost. Beşiktaş found the goal it sought with Veysel Cihan in 50th minute. Veysel, who rose to the cross sent by Ali Güneş from the right side of the opponents’ penalty area, put Beşiktaş in front 1-0 by sending the ball into the net with a header and the Istanbul’s representative rose to Level 3 in Turkish Cup by beating Göztepe 1-0.

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