Beşiktaş: 2- İstanbulspor: 1

In week 15 of the super league, Beşiktaş defeated İstanbulspor 2-1 with the goals of Ahmed Hassan and Tümer Metin in the match played without spectators due to the club’s penalty.  

Attacking the opponent’s goal in the very beginning of the match, Beşiktaş
got a goal in the 14th minute.  Beşiktaş was 1-0 ahead with the goal which
came by the header of Ahmed Hassan as a result of Tümer Metin’s cross. 
Refree Fırat Aydınus showed a red card to İbrahim Toraman from Beşiktaş after he
had an altercation with Ramadan in the 24th minute.  İstanbulspor equalized
the score to 1-1 with the goal of Yalçın Ayhan after Yordanov’s pass in the 26th
minute.  In the 57th minute, Tümer Metin caught the ball shot in the
penalty area by Ahmed Hassan which passed by İstanbulspor's goalkeeper, right on
the line.  He first took control of the ball and then managed to avoid
opponent player Musa and scored forBeşiktaş with his perfect outside of thefoot
shot despite İstanbulspor's 3 defense players. The match was over with this

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