Samsunspor:2-Beşiktaş: 4

In week 14 of the Super League Beşiktaş defeated Samsunspor 4-2 in a road game, and gained 3 points from this tough match.  

In the 34th minute, Beşiktaş’s Daniel Pancu suddenly slipped and had to step on Samsunspor’s Adnan.  Refree Mustafa Çulcu showed the red card to Pancu.  Having entered the game replacing Juanfran in the 2nd half Tümer Metin was the star of the match.  In the 67th minute, getting rid of his opponents, Tümer managed to pass the ball to Ahmed Hassan; the Egyptian player scored and Beşiktaş was 1-0 ahead.  In the 68th minute, Samsunspor equalized the score with the penalty goal of Kais.  Tümer Metin’s free kick scored in the 71st minute and with this goal Beşiktaş was 2-1 ahead again.  Beşiktaş was 3-1 ahead again with Tümer Metin’s goal from a penalty kick in the 77th minute. Samsunspor scored 2nd time in the 81st minute with Kais and the last goal of the match came from Tümer Metin during extra time. The match was over 4-2 in favor of Beşiktaş. 

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