Beşiktaş:2 - Fenerbahçe:1

Beşiktaş defeated the leader Fenerbahçe 2-1 in this tough derby.  John Carew and Mustafa Doğan were the scorers of Beşiktaş, while the goal of the visiting team came from P.Van Hooijdonk.

BJK İnönü Stadium had one of its historical days.  Black-White supporters filled the stadium and never stopped cheering throughout the game for Beşiktaş’s victory.  Beşiktaş was the dominant and willing side during the match watched by approximately 250 journalists.  No goal was scored in the first half and in the 54th minute Beşiktaş went 1-0 ahead with John Carew’s hard kick despite the endeavours of goalkeeper Rüştü Reçber.  Black-White team increased the gap up to 2 with the header of Mustafa Doğan to Sergen’s cross in the 62nd minute.    Luciano’s shot after a pass by Alex in the 67th minute, İbrahim Üzülmez was shown a red card for his touching  the ball by hand which won a penalty kick for Fenerbahçe.  P.Van Hooijdonk took penalty shot in the 70th minute and the score became 2-1 which was final.

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