Beşiktaş:4 Diyarbakırspor:0

In week 9 of the Super League, Beşiktaş defeated Diyarbakırspor in BJK İnönü Stadium with the score 4-0. Beşiktaş’s goals came from Sergen Yalçın in the 32nd minute, Emre Aşık in the 34th minute and İbrahim Akın in the 72nd and 78th minutes.

Having filled the BJK İnönü Stadium, Beşiktaş spectators gave significant support to Black-White players throughout the match. Being offensive in the very beginning of the match, in initial seconds Beşiktaş cought positions at the goal post of Diyarbakır and put pressure on its opponent in their field. In the 32nd minute, Beşiktaş was 1-0 ahead with the brilliant pass of Okan Buruk that was shooted magnificiently by Sergen Yalçın. Right 2 minutes after this goal, Emre Aşık headed the ball at the front post among the defense of Diyarbakırspor as a result of the corner kick taken by Sergen Yalçın from right wing and managed to change the score to 2-0.

Being dominant of the field in second half as well, Beşiktaş increased the gap up to 3 with the goal of İbrahim Akın in the 72nd minute. In the 78th minute, Ahmed Hassan’s shoot which is returned from the Diyarbakırspor’s goalkeeper Fadel was taken by İbrahim Akın to make the 2nd goal of his own and 4th of Beşiktaş. With this victory of 4-0 against Diyarbakırspor, Beşiktaş gained the 2nd victory of the season.

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