Trabzonspor:1 - Beşiktaş:0

In week 8 of the Super League, Beşiktaş was 1-0 defeated against Trabzonspor in road game.  Refree Kuddusi Müftüoğlu committed red cards to Çağdaş Atan and İbrahim Toraman from Beşiktaş.

Having dominated the match during the first half and exhibited a better play
as compared to its opponent, Beşiktaş could not avoid the goal of Gökdeniz in
the 18th minute and was back 1-0. Black-White Team showed a better performance
than its opponent in the second half of the match as well. Refree Kuddusi
Müftüoğlu committed the second yellow card to Çağdaş Atan in the 61st minuteand
a red card to İbrahim Toraman in extra-time. The match was over with the score
1-0 in favour of Trabzonspor.

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