Beşiktaş: 1 - Bodo Glimt: 0

Beşiktaş defeated the Norwegian side Bodo Glimt 1-0 in the rematch of the 1st leg of the UEFA Cup with İbrahim Üzülmez’s goal in the 45th minute. By eliminating Bodo Glimt, Black-White Team won the right to play in the group games of the UEFA Cup.

The rematch of the game played ending in a 1-1 draw in Bodo on September 16 was played in BJK İnönü Stadium.  The match was refreed by Spaniard Victor Jose Esquenas Torres.  Thousands of spectators supporting the Black-White team were in the majority in the stands and supported their team throughout the match.  The hard shot by Daniel Pancu from just outside the penalty area in the 45th minute was denied by goalkeeper Horn, and that shot was completed by İbrahim Üzülmez for a goal that put Beşiktaş go 1-0 ahead.  By winning the match 1-0, Beşiktaş won the right to play in group matches that will be played for the first time this season in UEFA Cup.  

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