Alvaro Negredo: “ We’ll lift that Super League Cup at the end of the season”

With valuable European titles under his belt, the experienced Spanish striker  of the reigning Turkish Champions  Álvaro Negredo Sánchez spoke to April 2018 issue of the Beşiktaş Magazine:  

-“At Beşiktaş, we all have to make sacrifices. My current injury, which forces me to play with a mask, is nothing when it comes to contributing to the team’s success. “

-“We have a lot of quality and experienced players on the squad. God willing, we’ll spare no effort and lift that Super League Cup at the end of the season.”

-“ I learned  football under very difficult conditions. We didn’t have a proper ball or playing field. But those conditions made us work harder and appreciate the value of the game more.”

-“ My mother was a  fan of  Atletico Madrid  while my father supported Real Madrid. I, on the other hand, rooted for Rayo Vallecano, which was our neighbourhood   team. After all those years, I’ve never forgot my childhood team.”  

-“The goal I remember the most is the one I scored for the newly-promoted Almeria on my debut for them. Of course, I had similar joys with Sevilla and Manchester City after that.”

-“Rather than a just goal scorer, I always see myself as a team-player who does everything on the pitch to help his team. Therefore, for me, Beşiktaş’ victories are more precious than my goals.”

-“ I am a homely type. Although everybody recognise me easily on the streets here, I prefer to stay at hone with my family.”

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