Chairman's Message

Dear Beşiktaş Family,

At the end of another tough season, we are seeing that, with unwavering dedication, determination and love for Beşiktaş,  all our teams have tried their bests whenever and wherever they played on. In some sports branches we managed to reach the top,  while in others we came close but did not fully meet the expectations. In any case,  we can proudly say that our players have demonstrated outstanding fair play and sportsmanship throughout the season. We will continue to display the same in the upcoming season as true Beşiktaş JK principles and the stand require us to do so.

Besides applauding the achievements of our men’s handball team Beşiktaş Mogaz HT who have captured all available titles in the country once again and the newly promoted Beşiktaş men’s volleyball squad, it is nice to know that the Turkish Champions Beşiktaş Women’s Football will represent Turkey in the Champions League next year. Unfortunately, the fourth-placed Beşiktaş men’s football team have not fare that well, but under the guidance of their new coach, will come back stronger next season.

In the month of May, my administration have been elected to one more office term by the Club’s General Assembly. On behalf of a highly democratic management, I promise you that we will join all our forces to serve you and the Turkish sports with better results.

Best wishes to all of you.

Fikret Orman