Chairman's Message

My Dear Beşiktaş Family,

The year 2019 was the year of major change at Beşiktaş JK. It was the year when an easily accessible, fully accountable and transparent administration took office at your favourite sports club. During the first two months of our office term, we’ ve been working day and night not only to overcome the challenges Beşiktaş is facing today but also create the Beşiktaş of the future. I myself and my management team highly appreciate your continued faith and support in us during these difficult times.

We wish great success to the Turkish sports in 2020, especially at the international level.

The time has come to create our own homegrown stars, and as a pioneering club with a solid youth system, we are ready to fulfil our responsibilities towards that end.

Just like we’ve been promoting since 1903, our motto for the year 2020 will again be “Play with Honour and Win Honestly”. With your support, we will seek justice relentlessly at all levels and at all times.

One of our other priorities in 2020 is going to be to improve the Club’s current financial situation. This does not mean that we will make any consessions on our title hopes and principles. On the contrary, a financially strong Beşiktaş will perform better and achieve more in all its sports disciplines.

In order to deliver our campaign promise of being transparent, we will soon open the Club’s books of the past 10 years to independent auditing and share the reports with the public. I want all Beşiktaş-lovers stand behind us during this challenging and painful period.

Finally, I wish everyone of you a Happy New Year with good health and lots of success.

With love and respect to you all.

Ahmet Nur Çebi
Beşiktaş JK