Chairman's Message

Dear Beşiktaş Fans,

This year we are celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Turkish Republic with the 120th anniversary of our club. Making the founder of modern Turkiye  Atatürk’s instruction: "O young generation! You are the future. We established the Republic, you are the ones who will keep it alive," a main principle, the nation carried the Republic of Turkiye to its 100th anniversary by working day and night. Let us forever protect our Republic, which was established thanks to thousands of martyrs who shed their blood for this homeland.

For  the pearl of the Bosphorus, the most beautiful stadium in Turkiye, we signed a sponsorship agreement  with the most valuable company in Turkiye, the "Tüpraş". The deal covers the naming and advertising rights of the stadium, and Beşiktaş will face other teams at Tüpraş Stadium for the next three seasons.

We have completed the public offering of Beşiktaş Token through Paribu, Turkiye's leading cryptocurrency trading platform. As a crypto money of the digital world, "Beşiktaş Token" will be a sound investment for all.

Led by  new Head Coach Dusan Alimpijevic and Manager Nedim Yücel, the revamped Beşiktaş Emlakjet Men's Basketball Team has already started to get results that will make our community happy and proud. It’s results from Turkish Super League and EuroCup indicate that our restructuring has been quite effective.

Under the guidance of Head Coach Aziz Akkaya and Team Manager Bengü Arseven, the strengthened Beşiktaş Women’s Basketball is getting similar results in Turkish Super League and EuroCup.

Thanks to new Head Coach Oliver Roy Camino’s game philosophy, Beşiktaş Safi Çimento Men’s Handball Team, has so far won all ıt’s matches in the Turkish Super League and the EHF European Cup.

Coached by Giovanni Caprara, Beşiktaş Ayos Women’s Volleyball Team is aiming real high this season. Beşiktaş community and volleyball lovers should have no doubt that our women will be one of the dominant teams of the Sultans League in near future.

Ahmet Nur Çebi
Beşiktaş JK