Beşiktaş: 77 - Ceyhan Municipality: 69

In the 16th week of the league, Beşiktaş Women’s Basketball Team defeated Ceyhan Municipality with the score of 77-69.

In the 1st quarter both teams played competitively and Beşiktaş won the quarter by 24-20. In the 2nd quarter, both teams kept their successful performances but Beşiktaş surpassed its opponent team by 38-35.
After the 3rd quarter, Beşiktaş scored 8 points (59-51) more than its opponent. In the last quarter, Beşiktaş blocked the efforts of Ceyhan Municipality team and defeat the opponent by the score of 77-69. Via this return match of the previous defeat, Beşiktaş showed that it is carrying on its challenge to be on the way to the top.

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